Bourton Hand Font Family

in on April 3, 2021


About the Product

Bourton Hand is the handmade version of the Bourton Family (https://creativemarket.com/KimmyDesign/1042062-Bourton-Typeface-%E2%80%A2-34-Fonts)

This hand-drawn collection offers tons of layering options, stylistic alternatives, graphic extras and even comes with its own script font!

Similar to its sister font, we are providing you with a set of over 30 free bonus logo templates. These mock-ups utilize some of Bourton Hand’s extras and contain live text. Simply change the placeholder text with your own and ‘BAM!’ you now have a sweet logo. Hopefully these provide some inspiration for how you can use the graphic extras, layering options and script font together to make something awesome.

Here’s everything you get with Bourton Hand:

Bourton Hand Layering Fonts

  • 6 Base Layer Fonts (Base, Inline, Marquee, Stripes A, Stripes B, Stripes C, Sketch A, Sketch B)
  • 6 Top Layer Fonts (Base Drop, Dots, Line Light/Medium/Bold, Outline Light/Medium/Bold)
  • 6 Extrude Fonts (Extrude, Outline, Shadow, Extrude Outline)
  • 5 Drop Shadow Fonts + 5 solo styles (Drop Shadow, Drop Extrude, Drop Line, Drop Stripes A, Drop Stripes B)
  • 2 Line Fonts for secondary text (Line Medium, Line Bold)

Bourton Hand Script

  • Light
  • Bold

Bourton Hand Extras

  • Ornaments, banners, frames, borders, flags and line break (OTF, EPS, AI with User Guide for OTS)
  • Flourishes (OTF, EPS, AI with User Guide for OTS)

BONUSH MARKER TEXUTRE PACK Offered for free with this font you get access to 20 high quality colorful marker textures. You can see them being put to use in the promo images.

Languages for Bourton Hand are Latin and Latin Extended.

Happy Creating!

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