FF Chartwell Font Family

in on March 1, 2021


About This Font Family

American type designer Travis Kochel created this pi and symbols FontFont in 2012.


The family has 7 weights and was designed to create simple graphs.


Suitable for Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress, FF Chartwell for print uses OpenType font feature ‘Stylistic Set 01’ to transform strings of numbers automatically into charts. The data remains in a text box, allowing you to update it easily. Just simply type a series of numbers like “10+13+37+40”. Turn on discretionary ligatures and a graph is created. Turn off discretionary ligatures to see the original data.


FF Chartwell has received several awards including the CommArts award in 2011, the Letter.2 award in 2011, the Information is Beautiful award in 2012, and the Fast Company Innovation By Design award in 2012.

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