Palmer Lake | A Quotable Font Duo

in on February 26, 2021


About the Product

Love using fonts for beautiful quotes? Check out Oliver Label, a brand new pencil textured font that is perfect for creating handwritten quotes and graphics:


  • Palmer Lake Print: Uppercase letters, numbers, & extended punctuation
  • Palmer Lake Script: Lowercase letters, numbers, & extended punctuation
  • Non-English support for the international designer
  • Same stroke thickness with each font, so you don’t need to make any time-consuming adjustments to get it looking right!
  • Palmer Lake Print (uppercase font) letters are the same height as the Script lowercase letters, so making quotes is super easy!

This is such a fun new duo, perfect for creating quotes, logos, or just adding a hand-written touch to any project!

While other fonts usually take some size adjusting to look just right, Palmer Lake duo has the same stroke thickness for both fonts, so you can set each font to the same size and you’re done!

Plus, the uppercase letters of the Print font are the same height as the lowercase letters of the Script font (see the samples), so lining them up with one another is a breeze!

Each font also has alternates for each letter, so when you type uppercase or lowercase for each font, the letters will change slightly. For example, typing in all caps with the Script font will connect each letter, whereas typing all lowercase will disconnect each letter.

Test it out for yourself in the box above!

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