Dreaming Outloud Font Pack

in on March 8, 2023


About the Product

Say hello to a casual handwritten font family – Dreaming OutLoud. Update: Dreaming Outloud now has a Christmas Doodles Font!

7 handwritten typefaces made to complement each other in the best possible way. They are easy to use and perfect for expressing your thoughts, posting quotes and simple daily updates on social media. The font package is complemented by more than a 100 transparent background marker lines (easy to change color!) – to emphasise what you are saying 🙂 – and dingbats & doodles font.

Two sub-packages included:

  • Elementary package. Use this one if you primarily work in Canva/Cricut and similar applications and don’t want to deal with OpenType features of the PRO fonts. To access alternates – simply change the font to it’s ALT version. Voilà. You can use these fonts on your iPad in Procreate app (with Desktop license)!
  • Charged package. Use this one if you feel comfortable with OpenType features, if you work in Adobe Suite and similar applications that have OpenType panel to access OT features. You can use these fonts in Canva-like applications as well – they are fully unicode mapped.

All fonts are multilingual – European latin based languages and cyrillic (Russian & Ukrainian) are supported.

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